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Are Your Parents At Risk? … Have The Talk!

This site is awesome! It’s a parody of the talk to your kids about drugs or sex sites, but it’s a site asking kids to talk to their parents about their McCain/Palin addiction.

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McCain & Palin described in terms a child can comprehend

This is a fun animated short film explaining why not to vote for McCain/Palin:

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Country Fourth

I have found the bold claim of “Country First” on the McCain/Palin campaign signs a little hard to believe since I first saw them. I decided to do a little research. Country is not First, at least not nationally. Perhaps

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Wasilla, Alaska on The Daily Show (2008-10-21)

The Daily Show did a great piece where they went to Wasilla, Alaska, to investigate small town values and what “real”, “pro” America is like. Highlights include: the mayor who says she is qualified to be VP, but then can’t

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The Third Red Scare (2001-2008) – Fake (Anti) America VS Real (Pro) America

Sarah Palin & some other Republicans, namely Fox News reporters, are in the process of starting the Third Red Scare. A “Red Scare” is a “witch hunt” wherein the rich and powerful, fearing that the poor and powerless are asking

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