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Are Your Parents At Risk? … Have The Talk!

This site is awesome! It’s a parody of the talk to your kids about drugs or sex sites, but it’s a site asking kids to talk to their parents about their McCain/Palin addiction.

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McCain & Palin described in terms a child can comprehend

This is a fun animated short film explaining why not to vote for McCain/Palin:

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Wassup, 8 years later?

Remember the young, happy Budweiser Wassup guys? See them after 8 years of Bush/Cheney:

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Joe The Plumber, Inc.

I guess the point of this whole Joe The Plumber movement is that we should feel sorry for Joe, because once he makes it big and gets wealthy and becomes Joe The CEO of Plumbers Corporation International, Obama and the

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Republican Political Associations with Terrorists

McCain picks Presidential Transition Chief who lobbied for Saddam Hussein

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The Wealthy and Christianity

I find it impossible, as a logical thinker, to reconcile the fact that many wealthy Americans, primarily Republicans, overwhelmingly claim to be Christians, and also overwhelmingly, no matter how massive their accumulated fortune, take such issue with spreading their wealth

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Obama and McCain’s health plans @ L.A. Times

from the article: ” The Tax Policy Center projected that by 2018 the uninsured would number 66.8 million without any reform. The McCain plan would reduce that figure by 2 million, while Obama’s would cut the number by nearly 34

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