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An Energy / Financial / Environmental Crisis Survey, by Me

Follow this link to take my survey, hosted on SURVEY

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new car companies lead the way in eco-friendly innovations while big 3 still suck

some new automakers like Tesla , Fisker , Aptera , and Phoenix are on the scene offering some awesome hybrids and plug-in electric vehicles

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Global Pulse – 1/08/09 The Color of Stimulus: Green

one highlight of this video is a description of a new city in the United Arab Emirates which is planned to be ZERO emissions…

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U.S. Could Take Stakes in Big 3 Auto Makers

I have an idea; if our government is going to spend our tax dollars on bailing out dinosaurs who resist innovations that are economical for consumers and environmentally friendly and instead produce unreliable vehicles programmed to die when their warranties

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United Auto Workers to fight salary cuts required by auto industry bailout

…Problem solved. But I doubt that such a thing will actually be considered by the rich, powerful, greedy, and conveniently forgetful CEOs.

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Americans safer than ever on roads, rails, and in the sky

“…Americans Safer than ever on the Nation’s Roads, Rails, and in the Skies”. I can’t help thinking that this is because less people can afford to travel than ever before due to soaring fuel prices and massive unemployment!

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FIGHT THE POWER! – let’s generate our own…

Say no to the Matrix of the corporate illusion of safety and
convenience provided to you, which is powered by human batteries.
Say yes to the real world. Unplug yourself from dependence.

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