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The Boy Scouts of America and Homosexuality

      I recently came across a blog entry with scanned pages from the 1965 Boy Scout handbook. Some of those commenting mentioned that the book has a chapter concerning masturbation. One commenter included a quotation of one section

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The Math of 72 Virgins awaiting each Muslim Suicide Bomber

WARNING: This blog is written by an infidel, and may offend Allah, anyone named Mohammed, suicide bombers, self-proclaimed “martyrs”, religious nut-cases, and third world child molesters and rapists who like pre-pubescent wives… Since first hearing about the claim of 72

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The Pot Calls The Kettle Black

I found this great post, and thought I’d repost it here: s it just me, or does it seem as if anything the Mccain campaign accuses Obama of, Mccain or Palin have done either before, more, or worse? A short

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Collin County government fires gays, pays extra to heteros…

this sucks and blows! but it’s funny as shit!

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Halloween – new costumes make little girls look slutty

While I love it when teenage girls slut it up, since they are sexual creatures and despite certain regional laws are, by nature’s standards, ready for action, it is a little concerning when toddlers and pre-teens and “tweens” dress like

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Rap / Hip-Hop negatively affects youth culture

I will preface this by saying that I enjoy many types of music, including some rap. I like the rhythms, the beats, the sound effects, even sometimes, the lyrics. I also enjoy the attitude, but in a mocking way and

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