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An American Carol – An Immature Slap In The Face To Those Who Speak Out Against Corruption

The movie does make a good point about the damage caused to our country
caused by a lack of morale and a lot of self-hating. However, instead of
wisely acknowledging that we should try and remember how important
it is to stand up for freedom and to protect ourselves from aggressors,
even if out patriotism is lacking while the present administration and
other forces in our government are lying, cheating, stealing, and killing
to further their own wealth, power, and political agendas, An American
Carol white-washes the entire situation to make it seem as if those who
are discontent are angry about nothing, and that everything is just fine,
and that we should quit thinking and questioning and instead just shut
up and blindly pledge our allegiance to whatever war that those in power
are currently profiting from.

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Can You Tell The Difference?

I found this great graphic that raises a good point. Some things depend greatly upon your point of view, or rather, what your government and media tell you. For example, the way the American media shows us every time a

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Conservative, Moderate, Liberal

I don’t understand how most people can label themselves conservative, moderate, or liberal. It’s highly unlikely that there are many people who are conservative, moderate, or liberal about everything. Isn’t this an adjective that describes a person’s view on a

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