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Wii need more storage space, Nintendo!

Nintendo needs to create a Wii System Update and/or Channels to play Virtual Console and WiiWare games from the SD card slot and USB connected flash drives and hard drives, and possibly even from Wi-Fi connected networked computers, ASAP!

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One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), XO1 Laptop,

One Laptop per Child (OLPC), a low-cost, connected laptop for the world’s children’s education OLPC UI demo Technology Review: $100 Laptop Gets Redesigned XO Speak: Speech Synthesis for One Laptop Per Child – One Laptop Per Child News Posted using ShareThis

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Barack may have to give up his Blackberry

Now that he is going to be president, for reasons of national security, Barack Obama may have to give up his Blackberry, and further more, personal email and instant messaging all together. I feel bad for the guy. I mean,

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Flock – Social Networking Web Browser

Flock is a great new web browser designed around the concept of a group web surfing experience. The download and setup were quick. The wizard allowed me to import settings from Firefox (and supports IE as well). There was a

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Free Wi-Fi for America? Not any time soon…

“The wireless carriers have essentially held this spectrum hostage. It’s now time for the FCC — which always talks about how broadband is a priority — to create a real alternative,” says John Muleta, co-founder and CEO of M2Z, a

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2008 Blogging Report on Technorati

interesting statistics

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Laptop of the Future may resemble Kid’s Charity Laptops

These look pretty cool for poor kids, or for anybody else, for that matter: http://laptop.orghttp://blog.ted.com

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