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YouTube – Tea-Bagging, Texas Secession, and Swine Flu

Binky The Clown (my friend Alan Conn) reports on some more things that are “Clown Shoes” (ridiculous) in this second edition of the report. I did the voice of Governor Rick Perry.

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2 medical conditions found responsible for common unpleasant political symptoms

…No cure is currently known, as once these sicknesses set in, they root themselves so deep in the patients’ psyche’s that any treatment involving doses of logic and/or empathy are immediately rejected by the host body. The best treatment for these sad souls is isolation from other, more reasonable and sympathetic people, to prevent needless suffering on the part of the uninfected.

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Comedy Has Become A Liberal Genre [Boston Globe]

A Boston Globe article I happened upon today makes some excellent points about why comedy is currently so liberal… READ MORE >

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The Clown Gets Shoed

GREAT animated .GIFs of Dubya ducking shoes: or play the Bush shoe dodging game, “Sock And Awe”:

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The Math of Giving More Than 100%

[I didn’t write this. It was forwarded to me in an email…] What does it mean to give 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to

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The Politics of Dancing @ MiniMovie

These are funny videos with great special effects: Dancing With The Political Stars McCain vs Obama – Dance Off!

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The “Bail-Out” (Rip-Off) as described by Doctors

I got this in a forwarded email, and it was funny enough that I decided to share it “bloggy-style”! Doctors’ Opinions of Financial Bail Out Package: Allergists voted to scratch it. Dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves. Gastroenterologists

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