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Flying Coach: Geithner Part Of Growing Bigwig Trend

I think airlines should get rid of first class / business class / coach and instead, spread out all the rows on the plain so they are all reasonably comfortable but none are ridiculously luxurious?More on AirlinesRead the Article at

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Octuplets Unveiled, Mom Defends Decision, Grandmother Calls Unconscionable (VIDEO)

This reminds me of the people on “Animal Cops” on Animal Planet, who have dozens or hundreds of cats and dogs they can’t take care of, and feces and urine all over the floors. This girl must have the same

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Senate Judiciary Chairman: Don’t Prosecute Michael Phelps

YES! This is awesome; to hear an old white guy in the Senate say that he’d rather law enforcement officers go after robbers and rapists and murderers than marijuana smokers is one giant step for mankind. Maybe next, we can

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Bipartisanship Fetishism vs. What’s Best for America: Obama Needs to Choose

Isn’t it interesting how Conservative Republicans don’t believe in the “Socialist Way” when it benefits the lower and middle classes, but openly embrace welfare for the rich by bailing out banks and other financial institutions that have lost the people’s

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Obama’s Press Conference Answers Three Formal Grade-Levels Higher Than Bush’s First

It seems to me that the reason many Republican bloggers, newscasters, journalists, and even constituents are constantly complaining about Obama being an elitist is that they can’t understand his eloquent vocabulary and grammar, and are fearful of the proliferation of

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