Michael Phelps, Hypocrisy, and American Drug Policy

The “War on Drugs” is a war on people; mostly poor, minority ethnicities, & liberals. It ramped up when Nixon figured out that most counter-culture people that don’t follow the government like drones like to smoke marijuana. Marijuana relieves stress and pain, making people happy and friendly. There aren’t a lot of fights, accidents, illnesses, injuries, or deaths from marijuana when compared to alcohol, tobacco, and prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, yet those are legal. Why? Tax revenue. If the USA is against drugs, why have opium imports increased since occupying Afghanistan? The same reason drug imports increased during and after the Vietnam War; because people in our own government are importing them, selling them to poor people, busting the poor people, and using drug money for black ops they don’t want on the budget. What about people taking erectile medications like Viagra or Cialis and then having heart attacks and eye failure? Aren’t they as much of a stain on our health care system as people using cocaine and meth and exstasy? The FDA is a joke. They get paid off by billion dollar companies to test drugs on the population. Until the people with money and power can figure out a way to have control of all or the majority of marijuana crops, and put addictive chemicals in it so you have to smoke it all day like cigarettes, you won’t find it at 7-11 or see TV ads for it.
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I am a logical, open-minded, liberal, progressive, radical, green, independent individual living in the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, amongst apparently brainwashed conservative southern Baptist Republican zombies. I'm tired of the lies of the government and their media mouthpieces and their corporate masters. I'm tired of the cheating and the stealing and the killing. I'm ready for the future. But the only way we are going to fix things is to all band together and say NO MORE! We have to start punishing the rich white collar criminals as harshly as the poor black blue-collar criminals, if not more so. And I'm tired of cults (AKA religions). They are dangerous, divisive, and delusional. We should evolve past religions towards a global humanitarian ethics. We should move away from a new world order and get back to city states with local democracy, power, food, and water.

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