The Corporate American Empire

I will now provide a little clarification regarding The United States,
for curious foreigners and oblivious citizens.

America is controlled by corporations. They fund the Republicans and
Democrats, who sold out and now play their game. They don’t fund third
parties and independents, especially those who speak against them, like
Ralph Nader. That’s why he is not in the debates, or many “mainstream”
interviews and commercials. He simply can’t afford it, for the most part,
and where he can, there is resistance to airing someone on your media
outlet when he is declaring war against the powerful industries whose
advertising revenue keeps you on the air.

The Republicans and Democrats appeal, mostly, to the most extreme of
Americans, the “blue liberal left”, and the “red conservative right”.

The “blue liberal left” want more and better jobs, more and better wages,
more and better benefits, and health care, and equal civil rights for women,
racial minorities, poor people, disabled people, etc., as well as improvements
to infrastructure. In general, this group wants peace, love, and happiness
for their tax money.

The “red conservative right”, is more of a combination of two groups: the
leadership right, and the conservative base.

The leadership right are rich, and own the corporations, who want less
jobs for Americans, more people doing the work of multiple people, more
jobs shipped to desperate third world countries willing to work for less
money, and ultimately, more computers and robots to machinate more
processes to get rid of jobs and pesky workers, who need wages and
benefits and sick-time and vacations and days off and time to sleep.
The leadership of the right also want more war, in places with resources
like oil, or cheap workers, or new markets for their mass-produced crap,
so they can occupy and restructure the world into new factories and
shopping malls.

To control the conservative base, they downplay all of this, and convince
them that they are not building financial empires, but rather policing the
world to protect us from terrorism and liberate the oppressed, forming
capitalist democracies, in the name of Jesus.

The conservative base, which is mostly rural, less educated, and more
fanatical than the rest of the country, which they call “fake” or “anti”
American, believes what their leadership tells them, regardless of any
evidence to the contrary, and believes that regardless of how many
of their jobs, benefits, wages, privacies, rights, or soldier’s lives are
stolen from them to create more wealth and power for their leaders,
that this is all done in the name of American patriotism and good
Christian values.

The corporate masters, Republicans, & Democrats are happy with the
way things are, sharing power and money, functioning as one big family,
keeping out pesky outsiders like third parties, and acting like it’s two
parties fighting each other, to distract America from the ugly truth of
their freedom being stolen while their country is sold out from under
them, piece by piece.

Those in power benefit from dividing us against ourselves, creating this
cold war kind of civil war, so we don’t get together and vote them out
of power. It’s a very subtle and effective conspiracy.

Those who created and control The United States of America like for
citizens and foreigners to believe that it is the defender of liberty and
justice for all. However, it started out, and is to this day, nothing more
than a militant money making venture.

Colonial merchants wanted more money and power, and decided to break
away from England so they wouldn’t have to share profits with the King.
This fairly traditional war was called the Revolutionary War (1775–1783).
They had Paul Revere and others like him to ride out and rally the poor
to fight and die for them. Little did the poor know that by gaining their
so-called “independence” from the British monarchy, that they were
just getting new rich masters who lived closer by. By the way, the rich
still rally the poor to fight wars for them. Now they go into the midwest,
America’s “heartland”, and tell farmers and cowboys that the brown
Muslims are going to come and get them, so they better get them first.
It works amazingly well, since most of these people have an irrational
fear and hatred of anyone of a different color, culture, or religion.

After becoming independent from England, whose empire had crumbled,
The USA became the new empire.

The colonials turned on the Native Americans, who helped them learn to
survive here. They murdered them and took their land. They turned tribe
against tribe. They hearded them around like cattle for the slaughter,
telling them each time that they could have this land forever, and then
coming along and telling them they had to go elsewhere, usually killing
those who complained and thus making less to herd to the next place.
They gave them gifts of malaria filled blankets. They basically committed
an almost completge genocide against them.

Meanwhile, they brought African slaves, some abducted, some bought
from warring tribes, to build up the country for them. (Note: despite
what some racist whites like to think, I don’t think buying a slave is any
more ethical than kidnapping one, regardless of whether the seller was
the same color as the slave or not.)

Those who came here to find their fortune or freedom on their own were
not treated much better. In the west, the whites lowered visiting workers
and settlers from China and other Asian nations over cliffs in buckets to
set dynamite to make train tracks, and didn’t feel too bad when “Chinamen”
(a blanket term for any “Oriental” looking Asian in the Old West) got
blown up. In the east, later immigrants didn’t find any more tolerance
for heritage or religion or culture than they had left in the Old World
of Europe and Asia. A good example are the gang wars in New York
between the Irish and Italians.

Once America was built up strong enough on racially intolerant genocide,
slavery, and gang warfare, we became seperatist xenophobes who wanted
to be seperate from the world that we had left (been cast out from?)
and had abused to establish ourselves. During our period of relative
exlusion from the world, we had a Civil War (1861 – 1865), where the
rich of the North wanted to take over the plantation culture of the South
to build factories, and the rich of the South wanted to keep their slaves.
Both sides were organized and controlled by rich people who wanted to
dominate and use the poor as a resource in the building of more wealth
and power; the only difference being that the North wanted whites,
blacks, etc, to all work as slaves in their factories and live in their slums,
while the South wanted the poor whites to stay in their shacks and the
poor blacks to stay in the slave houses. What a noble war, huh?

(The North, the industrial culture, after winning the official part of the
Civil War, continued to fight the south for years to restructure it like
the North. The civil rights movement of the 1960s shows that the Civil
War never ended, As does the presidential campaigns of 2008, where
it once again made apparent by the South that they are still racist
and consider the North, and the East & West coasts, to be “fake/anti”

Once the nation was finally unified enough to act as country, the powers
that be wanted us to be an empire. Their first major, obvious step in this
plan was to get involved in World War I.

World War I (1914-1918) began when a political assasination in Austria
due to a disagreement about the heir to the throne caused Europe to
divide into two factions, each choosing a side, because war is always so
much fun, giving the rich an opportunity to get more land, resources,
and markets for their products, and for the poor to die.

The USA joined the “Entente Powers”, in 1917 (better late than never,
right?) becoming an ally to England, France, Russia, and Italy, and
therefore an enemy to Germany, whom they were fighting. This gave
money-lenders and weapons makers in the USA an excellent opportunity
for profit, and helped to kill off some of our less affluent men by
sending them to die in trenches.

Do to the overwhelming popularity of World War Episode I, their was
really no option but to have a sequel, World War Episode II: The
Germans Strikes Back (1937-1945). It was bigger, badder, and the
special effects were AWESOME!

The USA, having seen how profitable war in the modern, industrialized
era could be, just had to be a part of the fun. We had established allies
to loan money to, sell weapons to, and to sell necessity products to as
they used up their own meager resources. We also had an established
enemy. The best part was, for rich Americans like banker Prescott Bush,
and many other bankers and weapons makers, a war has two sides; you
can make money off of both! It’s like betting on both teams in a game
or both horses in a race; if you do it right, you’re sure to win.

The American people were not terribly excited about WWII, so they
needed to be motivated. Japan decided to help Germany take over the
world, so the US let Japan bomb Pearl Harbor, making no effort to
stop them despite advanced warning, to piss off Americans and get
them to back the war effort the government and industries wanted.

World War II cost the USA a lot of money and lives, and established
us a world power. We even spent $14 billion to rebuild our enemies
Germany and Japan, adding them to our list of allies who owed us.
What a surprising plot twist!

Russia also spent a lot of money and lives fighting Germany, and just
like the USA, in the post-WWII world, wanted to spread out and dominate
the world. And so we got World War Episode III: The Cold War (1945-

The Cold War was fought in many chapters such as the Berlin Blockade
(1948–49), the Korean War (1950–53), the Berlin Crisis (1961), the
Vietnam War (1959–1975), the Soviet-Afghan War (1979–89), and
the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962). In each chapter, countries sided against
one another, or split down the middle, with the Soviet Union supporting
one side as communists and the US supporting the other as capitalists.

It was during the Cold War that the US announced World War 4: The
Drug War (1971 – the end of time). This war has little to do with drugs.
It has more to do with the government importing drugs, selling them via
secret channels to poor and minorities, and then jailing these undesirable
types. The other up-sides to this war are that it provides a socially
accepted excuse to invade small countries that make drugs, to set up
dictatorships under US control, and to shift more of our populace
from self-dianosing and using natural, herbal pain relievers and
recreational drugs to getting expensive prescriptions for expensive
pharmaceuticals and thus supporting the American Medical Association
and the drug companies, which are both powerful lobbyist groups
from which politicans profit. The reality is, if all the nation’s non-violent
drug “offenders” got together and could pay politicians as much as
or more than the “legitimate” doctors writing prescriptions and
pharmaceutical corporations can, the drug war would be a non issue.
The USA is not really concerned with winning this war. It is far more
profitable to continue it indefinitely, both in terms of black-market
drug sales from imports by intelligence agencies and military forces,
and also as a platform issue to gain points with America’s conservative
moral majority.

The Soviet Union collapsed under economic problems in the early 1990s,
leaving the USA as the world’s only superpower, and ending the Cold War.

Since the USA is not really “fighting” the drug war (World War 4), it
suddenly had lots of resources available and no Cold War, so it invented
World War 5: The War on Terror (AKA The War on Brown People).
This war primarily consists of the Republican party “protecting” us
from nations that we used against Russia and then abandoned and
who have since turned against us. The US government has tried to
connect the wars on terror and drugs together, with commercials
telling smokers of marijuana that they are supporting terrorists,
even though almost no marijuana comes from the countries in
question. Ironically, since the US occupation of Afghanistan, the
country, which produces 90% of the world’s opium used for heroin,
production has quadrupled when compared to what it was when the
Taliban controlled the region. The amount of opium coming into the
USA has also increased. This not would seem to indicate that forces
within the US government and/or military are involved in drug
production, distribution, and sales, but also makes the claim in
the media that pot-smokers are aiding terrorist seem like the very
black government pot calling the gray citizen kettle black.

I think that’s enough history, for now, to demonstrate why I feel
that the government and corporations of the USA, which almost
always act as a unified force, are set on world financial domination
through whatever means possible, no matter how hypocritical, violent,
and damaging to it’s people and the world.

Don’t worry, world. It will fail, as the other empires in history have;
from ignoring it’s problems at home in it’s quest for domination
until it’s people have no option left to them but to reform it, by
whatever means necessary.

If you’d like to see more about America’s history of never-ending
war, see Wikipedia.

I am a logical, open-minded, liberal, progressive, radical, green, independent individual living in the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, amongst apparently brainwashed conservative southern Baptist Republican zombies. I'm tired of the lies of the government and their media mouthpieces and their corporate masters. I'm tired of the cheating and the stealing and the killing. I'm ready for the future. But the only way we are going to fix things is to all band together and say NO MORE! We have to start punishing the rich white collar criminals as harshly as the poor black blue-collar criminals, if not more so. And I'm tired of cults (AKA religions). They are dangerous, divisive, and delusional. We should evolve past religions towards a global humanitarian ethics. We should move away from a new world order and get back to city states with local democracy, power, food, and water.

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