Microsoft's new TV ads SUCK!

Microsoft’s new ads are horrible. The clown shoe store and house guest spots with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld are long, boring, and don’t have anything to do with the product, other than being random and ineffective, much like Windows. The “I’m A PC” spots, while at least more applicable, are not very funny. It would be much funnier and more realistic if the people who say that they are PCs had seemingly random and annoying problems like walking into walls, having hands or legs that stop working, or keep repeating themselves, unable to continue. That way, they’d be working much like Windows based PCs. If you haven’t seen them, check them out here, and be prepared to be annoyed: Gates & Seinfeld“I’m A PC”

Or if you want to see ads that are actually entertaining, for products that actually work: Apple’s “Get A Mac”

I am a logical, open-minded, liberal, progressive, radical, green, independent individual living in the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, amongst apparently brainwashed conservative southern Baptist Republican zombies. I'm tired of the lies of the government and their media mouthpieces and their corporate masters. I'm tired of the cheating and the stealing and the killing. I'm ready for the future. But the only way we are going to fix things is to all band together and say NO MORE! We have to start punishing the rich white collar criminals as harshly as the poor black blue-collar criminals, if not more so. And I'm tired of cults (AKA religions). They are dangerous, divisive, and delusional. We should evolve past religions towards a global humanitarian ethics. We should move away from a new world order and get back to city states with local democracy, power, food, and water.

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