The History And Future of the American Empire

(A Scary But Possible Vision of the Future, based on the Past)
– by Mark Baland

Feel free to forward this to everyone you know.
I don’t care if the whole world reads it.
It’s what I think, and however unpopular it might make me,
I think its stuff that needs to be said.
After all, we still have freedom of speech, for now…

I realize that some of you might have money invested in some
of the institutions that are asking to be bailed out. Your
government, if they truly represent you and not just control
you, should offer your money back to you to keep or to reinvest
as you see fit; not put it back in the hands of the ineffectual
and/or corrupt companies who have mismanaged it.

We should not bail out rich, corrupt, lying, cheating, embezzlers
while we are paying record prices, suffering massive unemployment,
losing our homes and cars, and paying for a war to make rich lying
mass-murderers and their oil-baron buddies and Nazi-funding families
and their alumnus defense contract company richer.

And, if they do screw us again and force us to do this bailout, which
I’m pretty certain they will, since they have the power and we seem
unable to exert a modicum of control over them, we should require a
matching contribution for any taxpayer funds from the personal funds
of the bank executives responsible for the failures. I am fairly certain
that some, if not most or all of them, have enough embezzled into secret
foreign accounts. This of course, won’t happen either…

And, we should get stock investments and decision making power in the
supposedly reforming financial institutions. If we buy something, it should
be ours, right?

I hate to be extremely frank to the point of insulting, but I feel that
anyone who disagrees with this is comforting themselves with wishful
delusions, ignorant of the facts, blind to the evidence in the media and
in daily life, stupid, insane, in bed with the corrupt, or some combination…

The politicians lie to get into office, contradicting themselves and telling
everybody what they want to hear. Their campaigns are paid for by the
wealthy, and that is who owns them. The masses are tired and beat-down.
We feel powerless, so we don’t group together to fight the rich. The rich
work together to keep themselves rich and keep the poor poor. We don’t
have the money to pay “our” representatives, so they vote the way the rich
people who can pay them tell them to. Otherwise, they’d have to actually
work real jobs like us. The rich can afford to educate their young in law
and finance, so they can pass more laws to keep themselves rich, and make
more companies and banks and schemes to rip off the poor. The poor
can’t even usually afford to take time off work, which we won’t get paid
for, being the lower class, to vote for candidates who say they represent
us, but never do.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Here is what I am starting to fear is the plan of the powerful for the
common person in America in the future:

The ruling, wealthy class is so rich and powerful that the only way
for them to gain more wealth and power is to force the middle
class into poverty. In fact, I’m pretty certain that if you got in
the heads of most ultra-rich folks, you’d realize that money no
longer gets them off. Let’s say they started off getting their fix
from money, and say that’s coffee. After awhile, coffee doesn’t
give them a rush, so they need power, which is more like cocaine.
Gone are the days of “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.”

It keeps getting more difficult to afford food, gas, cars, and houses
(or even rent). Most people have little ore no benefits, and little or no
job security. With big companies lobbying the government to let them
send our jobs overseas, there are fewer and fewer jobs. Despite
what the government tells you, illegal immigrants are pretty much
taking jobs that Americans don’t want, while the government lets
the jobs we do want be exported to save the companies money,
since they can pay next to nothing for poor foreign slaves.

If the government represented the people, and not the corporations,
they would not allow more jobs to be exported, require some or all
jobs to be brought back, and then make it prohibitively expensive to
companies to export labor by taxing them for doing so to the point
where it is cheaper to hire domestically. The same people who say
that this would not be capitalistic or a free-market system are
the same who support socialism/welfare for the rich companies
by subsidising them, bailing them out, and giving them tax cuts
that they’d never give to an individual or small business. Is that
free-market capitalism?

As times goes on, we work harder and longer for less money
and benefits. More people lose their homes. More people move
into apartments and live in groups to survive, and most fail to
prosper, or save for retirement.

As we grow weary of our plight and strike out, mugging our rich
masters, car-jacking them, trying to sell drugs to them, robbing
their banks, burglarizing their gated-community mansions, just to
buy food for our children or keep our electricity on, their will be
ever more need for law enforcement.

In the face of this need, the police will become increasingly more
invasive, controlling, and unfeeling to the plight of the poor, seeing
them as more and more of a lawless, violent, desperate nuisance
and drain on their man power.

In addition, this will frustrate the municipal politicians, who, if ticket
prices and the testimony of many cops and ex-cops are any indicator,
see the police as a money-making team which ideally should just be
used to write traffic tickets to generate income for politicians,
and not to actually combat crime.

The law enforcement industry, which is already becoming corporate,
as evidenced by privately run prisons, security forces for neighborhoods,
and mercenary companies being used in foreign military situations to
augment and/or replace the military, will become more so as the
government can’t meet demand.

Wealthy people who want the poor controlled to protect their own
wealth will increasingly promote, create, fund, and sing the praises
of law enforcement businesses. And increasingly prohibitive laws
will be passed, with stiffer and stiffer penalties, to “legally” imprison
the poor in greater numbers. After all, problems are “out of sight,
out of mind”.

Eventually, private police forces for cities, like in Robo-Cop, and also,
perhaps, more domestic use of the military to police the less affluent
and disgruntled citizens, will not be uncommon.

A too-little-too-late, disorganized rebellion, when the poor will be
struggling to survive on the crumbs of those who forced them into
poverty, will be marketed by the conservative media to the world as a
guerrilla war run by fanatical savages. Most of the world won’t believe
them, but they will control the oil due to their insurgencies, so no one
will disagree.

To stop us from stealing back from the rich what was legally stolen
from us, we will be to pile us into centralized ghetto apartments, like
the Nazis put the Jews in, so we can easily be monitored and controlled
with no privacy, and keep our non-designer label clothes and old, ugly,
poorly running cars out of there glittering gated communities.

Perhaps as a final solution, they’ll decide just to round us all up one
night and put us in “work” camps.

But some of us are too young, or small, or sick, or weak, or old to work.
Some of us have mental and physical disabilities that keep us from being
efficient slaves. So why keep us around?

If you are thinking, “this sounds like Nazi Germany”, then you are right.
If you are thinking, “America doesn’t kill innocents”, then you are wrong.

George W Bush is president of the United States of America. His dad’s
dad, Prescott Bush, financed the US and the Nazis in WWII. He had
his assets ceased several times, but was never jailed. This is the legacy
that already has control of America. So what will stop a Nazi future?
We already have a government that would rather send us to die bombing
foreigners in schemes to make themselves money than spend the money
they take from us on our health and financial security, so is it so hard
to believe that we are ultimately nothing more than an expendable

“Oh, no, America would never do that, not my America!”… Oh, really?

Maybe you would agree that one of these Americas do such things:

The America that stole this land from natives, herded them like cattle,
slaughtered them in mass executions, made and broke treaties with them,
and gave them blankets infected with Malaria?

The America that abducted Africans to use as slave labor with no rights?

The America where the railroad companies lowered the Chinese over cliffs
in buckets to dynamite?

The America that tore itself in half, and brother killed brother, half so
they could keep abusing Africans as slaves, and the other half so they
could move the lower half from their plantations into ghettos to slave
in factories?

The America that let Pearl Harbor be bombed so it’s people would support
World War II?

The America that dumped Jews in Israel on top of Muslims, starting an
endless double-genocide war so it could have a puppet in the region to
help secure it’s oil interests?

The America that, according to many accounts and evidence either
allowed the WTC to be bombed on 9/11/2001 or took part in the bombing
itself to get it’s people to support a war?

The America that made war against Iraq for (at least) 6 years, to
catch a terrorist who is hiding in Afghanistan?

The America where the only two political parties that the corporate
masters allow to be in debates both plan on attacking Iran, which will
probably lead to a war with Russia over oil control, rather than making
some short term financial sacrifices to invest in alternative energy,
which would save the environment and make it easier for the poor
to afford to survive?

Of course that America could never lie, cheat, steal, and kill innocents
among it’s own and in the world at large.

Of course not.


The following examples have been emailed to me by friends in response:

Sinking of the Battleship Main:
used for propaganda for the Spanish-American war.
There was never any evidence linking the Spanish to
the explosion that caused the ship to sink.
Some believe the US set off the explosion.

Operation Ajax:
1950’s Iran had a democratic style government until
the US conducted operation Ajax causing Mosaddeq,
elected Premier of the Iranian parliament to be overthrown.

Gulf of Tonkin Incident:
the US faked “incident” that allowed LBJ
to escalate US involvement in Vietnam.


I am a logical, open-minded, liberal, progressive, radical, green, independent individual living in the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, amongst apparently brainwashed conservative southern Baptist Republican zombies. I'm tired of the lies of the government and their media mouthpieces and their corporate masters. I'm tired of the cheating and the stealing and the killing. I'm ready for the future. But the only way we are going to fix things is to all band together and say NO MORE! We have to start punishing the rich white collar criminals as harshly as the poor black blue-collar criminals, if not more so. And I'm tired of cults (AKA religions). They are dangerous, divisive, and delusional. We should evolve past religions towards a global humanitarian ethics. We should move away from a new world order and get back to city states with local democracy, power, food, and water.

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